In its more modern sense, it refers to those individuals responsible for taking interviews and story bites from the side-lines of any sports. Originally a term coined for Australian football, it is now better associated with the sports of Cricket.

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The origins of the game known as cricket can be traced back to late 1590′s England. A cricket match takes place on an oval-shaped field between two teams of 11 players. Cricket is played in innings, with one team batting, the other fielding. When a team is at bat, two batsmen are in play, facing each other at opposite sides of the “pitch,” a rectangular section in the field’s center. The batsmen stand in front of targets called wickets. In front of the wickets are “creases, local DIRECT TV,” usually defined by white lines. The fielding team’s “bowler” (similar to a baseball pitcher) attempts to roll (or bowl) the ball past the batsman and strike a wicket. If the bowler is successful, the batsman is “dismissed.” If the ball is struck, the fielding team can dismiss the batsman by catching the ball before it strikes the ground. If they fail to catch the struck ball, the two batsmen can attempt to score by running across the pitch. A run is scored when a batsman “grounds” his bat behind the crease. A batsman may also be dismissed if a member of the fielding team throws or rolls the ball and strikes the wicket before a batsman grounds his bat. An inning isn’t completed until 10 of the 11 at-bat team members have been dismissed. As in baseball, the objective is to score more runs than the opposition.

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