About the only thing more bizarre than watching a game of cricket is all the weird terminology that gets flung about. If you get your sports packages from services like Direct2TV.com, then you might have flipped through and seen the cricket channel.

It’s like listening to a tennis match and the strange system of scoring they use. There’s an inherent rhyme and reason to it all, but it doesn’t make immediate sense to the newcomer.

That’s why, today, I decided to go over some of the more unique and obscure cricket terms.

Listed below are just a few:

Wicket – No, in this case we’re not referring to a fictional Star Wars character. A wicket is a structure of three vertical stumps of wood about two feet high that the batsman must defend.

Waaaaaaaaaaaah? – No joke, this is an actual expression used in the game to kick off an appeal between players and the umpire. Howzat or “How’s that” is a more popularized form, these days.

Hoick – A stroke in which the motion and maneuver falls somewhere between a pull and a sweeping motion of the bat.

Donkey-drop – A slow bowl but difficult to judge for the batsman. Think of it as a slow ball pitch in baseball terminology.

Throwing a cricket ball is a lot different from throwing a baseball. While it is not hard to see similarities in the two sports, there are a lot of differences. Throwing the cricket ball with the aim for a batsman to hit it is called bowling. This is done rotating one’s arm above their head as straight as possible. Once this is done then the ball can be released and aimed at the stumps to get a batter out.

There are various types of bowling that are done in cricket. There is fast and spin bowling. Fast bowling is done at speeds of close to 90 miles per hour and can be quite viscous. Spin bowling can be compared to curve balls in baseball. These are much slower balls, but they can turn both from left to right or right to left. Variation is the key in spin bowling, with the batsman not knowing which way the ball will go. Sometimes they play thinking it will go from right to left, but it stays straight and dismisses them.

Learning how to ball in cricket is not easy, as it takes a lot of practice to get it right. But once this practice is done, the motion becomes quite normal and easy to remember.

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