Cricket and Psychology

Every sports has its own psychological challenges and demands. Cricket is no different though it brings many more challenges.

Let’s take a brief glance at the psychological challenges the sport of Cricket has to offer.

In the words of ex-Australian cricketer, Glenn McGrath – “While only 10 to 20 percent is ability the rest really is just mental strength and acumen”. Then we have Steve Waugh, ex-Australian skipper who says that keeping talent equal, it only is the strength of mind that breeds success.

The sport of cricket is unique on so many levels. While it happens to be a team event with 11 players combining to form a fielding outfit, it also happens to be an individual sport for the team batting since individual contributions make the score on the board. Then add to this, the individual head-on battles between the bowler and batsman, which brings a completely different performance meter to the mix.

Among all such individual and team competitions is the fact that there are three forms of the sport. The super short 20 over format to the long 5-day Test event. Each requires a different level of mental preparedness and the ability to respond to developments. Overall, it is not just about skills but also adapting to situations and formats.

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