Cricketing Facts

Here are some mindboggling batsmen and cricketing facts for your reading pleasure.

  1. Almost everyone is aware of the fastest ODI century scored by Shahid Afridi. What you are probably not aware of is that he was flown in just to play that match and had to borrow a bat from Waqar Younis, who gave him Sachin Tendulkar’s bat. He went on to hit 6 boundaries and 11 sixes for a 37 ball century.
  2. No batsman had hit a six off the first test match ball until Chris Gayle came along. Amazing considering Test Cricket dates back over 137 years!
  3. The first player to be kissed on field on a televised match was Abbas Ali Baig during a test match against Australia in 1960 at the Brabourne Stadium.
  4. Unaware to many, Sachin Tendulkar’s test average while impressive is less compared to his childhood buddy Vinod Kambli. He had a 54.20 average as opposed to Tendulkar’s 53.78.
  5. Call it coincidence, Alec Stewart scored his birth date for total Test runs! 8-4-63 and 8463 test runs.
  6. Only one player has represented his country in the Davis Cup for Tennis and International Cricket – Asif Karim of Kenya.
  7. In a test match at Lord’s 2000, England and West Indies, all the four innings were played out on a single day. This was then repeated recently in 2011 when South Africa played Australia.
  8. Another coincidence, during a test match between Australia and South Africa on 11/11/11 at exactly 11:11 South Africa needed 111 runs to win!
  9. Never has a batsman played for an opposition team during a match except for Sachin Tendulkar who played for Pakistan before even batting for India! This happened in 1987 at the Brabourne Stadium when Tendulkar fielded for Pakistan as a substitute before going on to bat for India. This was just a practice match though.
  10. Mohinder Amarnath is the only player in the world who has been dismissed for both, obstructing the field and also handling the ball.
  11. The oldest Test cricketer ever in an International match was Wilfred Rhodes of England. He played till a good old age of 52.
  12. A record that can never again be broken, India has won the 20 over, 50 over and 60 over world cups!