Cricketing Movies

Majority of cricketing movies have come from Bollywood and it is no surprise considering how Cricket is seen as a religion in India. Movies globally famous include Lagaan that earned an Oscar Foreign Film nomination and even Iqbal, critically acclaimed in many foreign film events.

Coming up are some impressive movies from Bollywood that inspire and document the lives of India’s cricketing gods. Two most awaited releases are Dhoni – the untold story and Sachin – on the life of Sachin Tendulkar.

Stories from rags to riches are commonplace in the Indian subcontinent and it is not just India that has players who hail from poverty ridden families but also Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, movies on Indian cricketers are in the making since Bollywood has the highest number of viewers.

Take for instance, the biopic on Dhoni – just recently, the trailer on YouTube garnered a whopping 4 million viewership. This is unheard of even for mainstream blockbusters. In just 1 week, the trailer had over 2 million views! Obviously, it is on one of the most inspiring and successful Indian captains but the movie too looks impressive. Having the backing of the icon himself, there is no reason why more movies on other cricketers and hopefully International stars would not be made.